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Address: 209 E. Main St 2nd Floor

Monroe WA 98272

Phone: 360-794-2179


01 How will I benefit if I start training at NW Sport Taekwondo?

Taekwondo has tremendous benefits for body, mind and spirit. Physically, Taekwondo builds strength; speed, endurance, develops hand-eye coordination, and is great to cross-train to build explosiveness for other sports. Mentally,  Taekwondo helps develop patience, discipline, perseverance, understanding and open-mindedness, as well as concentration and focus. Spiritually, all build confidence, develops self-control and increases calmness and peace.

02 What is expected of me if I join?

You are expected to be committed to your martial arts training, and to attend classes on a regular basis. You are expected to work hard at all times during practice. As a dedicated student, you should also practice at home in order to maintain steady progress. You are expected to demonstrate and uphold utmost respect, humility, courtesy, and discipline upon which most martial art traditions are founded.

03 Can anyone do Taekwondo?

Yes! The only real requirement is a disciplined commitment to work hard and train patiently. As long as that commitment is there, Taekwondo is for everyone—regardless of age, sex, or natural athletic ability.

04 Do I have to be Physically fit?

No! In fact many newcomers to the martial arts are physically unfit, and have endured many unhealthy habits. Our programs will gradually improve your fitness as you progress. Your starting point is less important than the effort you put into it along the way.  As your fitness improves, so will the pace in which you advance.

05 If I am active with other sports are martial arts beneficial?

Yes! Taekwondo is often used by professional sport organizations to assist with hand-eye coordination, speed, flexibility, strength, explosiveness, and most importantly confidence. Our instructors have had experience training athletes that have utilized Taekwondo to assist their performance

06 When can I start?

Beginners are welcome at any time, as are people with previous Martial Arts experience. Winners don’t wait. Realize the priceless benefits of martial arts training today. Call 360-794-2179 or simply fill out NW Sport Taekwondo Contact form to receive a FREE 1 week trial!