Train with Passion,

                     Fight with Honor,

                                      Live the Sport!


NW Sport Taekwondo holds its Leadership Team to a high standard. All NW Sport Taekwondo instructors are Nationally and Internationally certified by the USA and Korean Kukkiwon governing bodies. Not only do they have to maintain the physical knowledge in Taekwondo, but they also practice what we teach as they continue to coach, train, and referee students. Our leaders are dedicated to perfecting their training; this includes Poomse, Sparring, and athlete\student development. This provides the best service possible for our students. To become a member on the leadership team our students must be a 2nd Dan or higher and 18+ yrs old.

Leadership Team

Mr. Singleton: 2nd Dan
Mr. Singleton has been training  for 8 years. He is also a new member of the leadership team, his drive to overcome small challenges are why he is a good leader that looks at the small wins instead of the "one and done" obstacles.


Mr. Coonan: 3nd Dan
Mr. Coonan has trained in Taekwondo 19 years. His dedication to helping young students is unmatched with patience and enthusiasm.

2018 WA State Championship Silver

1997-99 WA State championship Forms Gold

1997-99 WA State championship Gold

1998-99 Jr National championship 5th

2000 Jr. National championship Bronze

2000 Jr National championship Forms Bronze