Train with Passion,

                     Fight with Honor,

                                      Live the Sport!


Master Michael Colver

Address: 209 E. Main St 2nd Floor

Monroe WA 98272

Phone: 360-794-2179

Master Colver: 4th Dan
As owner and operator of NW Sport Taekwondo Master Colver started his training in 1992 and received his Masters under Grand Master George Bell, 8th Dan Kukkiwon. Master Colver continues to challenge himself as a coach and athlete, while co-leading the school with Master Criswell and Master Trinity. Master Colver defines himself by the quality and character of blackbelts he produces. While many of NW Sport Competition Team is nationally ranked, it is their character and passion that Master Colver is most proud of. Along with his ability to train top ranked athletes, Master Colver continues to train and compete himself showing his students that no matter how old you are you should better yourself every day. Master Colver guides his students in becoming the best they can be, and drives them to define themselves by how they take ownership of their personal training.

  • 2018 WA State AAU Championship, Gold
  • 2018 WA State Championship, Silver
  • 2018 OR State Champion, Gold
  • 2017 WA State AAU Champion, Gold
  • 2017 WA State Championship, Gold
  • 2016 - Present WA USAT Assocate Coach
  • 2015 - Present WA State AAU Certified referee and coach
  • 2014 National Championship, Silver
  • 2014 WA State Championship, Silver
  • 2003 WA State Champion, Gold
  • 2001 WA State Champion, Gold
  • 2000 UT State Champion, Gold
  • 2000 Olympic Training Center Training Camp
  • 1996-00 WA State Forms, Gold (4yrs)
  • 1995-99 WA State champion, Gold (4yrs)