Train with Passion,

                     Fight with Honor,

                                      Live the Sport!


Master Criswell:4th Dan
As Co-operator and one of the head Masters of NW Sport Taekwondo, Master Stacy Criswell started his training in 1991,and received his Masters under Grand Master George Bell 8th Dan Kukkiwon. Master Stacy Criswell retired from competing in 2000 and moved into an a coaching and teaching role. Master Stacy Criswell is an amazing teacher and competition coach. He leads by example to show that age is but a number. He is an inspirational role model and he drives to find what motivates his students that allows them to find or further develop the confidence that lies beneath the surface.

  • 1992 WA State Champion Gold
  • 1993 WA State Champion Gold
  • 1995 WA State Champion Gold
  • 1996 WA State Champion Gold
  • 1997 WA State Champion Gold
  • 1998 WA State Champion Gold
  • 1999 WA State Champion Gold
  • 1995-96 OR State Champion Gold
  • 1995 U.S. Jr. Nationals, Bronze
  • 1996 U.S. Jr. Nationals, Bronze
  • 1996 U.S. Jr. World Olympic try-outs, Silver
  • 1996 Olympic training center training camp
  • 2017-present WA USAT Assocate Coach
  • Currently seeking qualification for US Referee status

Master Stacy Criswell